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Providing Green Solutions For All

SOLS Energy is a leader in the green solutions industry, with a passion for serving our community by doing good while working towards creating a cleaner and safer planet. SOLS Energy has worked on more than 1200 home installations amounting to more than 8MW in the last eight years, and this has allowed us to help and support over 200 orang asli families and their homes. SOLS Energy is the market leader in the residential solar segment.

Solar for Home

Slash up to 90% from your electricity bill with our high quality home solar systems.

Solar for Business

Install Solar for your Business with Zero Upfront cost and save up to 75% on TNB Bill.

Empowering Underserved Communities

We believe in helping underserved communities. We empower the B40 by providing them with job opportunities, good education and solar-powered electricity. This will help address issues such as health, social, economic, mental and emotional well-being of the indigenous people. This is a main priority for our existence.

Over 1200+ Solar Installations Completed

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Who We Are

With the same core mission of #greensolutionsforyou, SOLS Energy falls under one of the Impact Organisation, as part of SOLS 24/7. With over 2 decades of experience, tackling all aspects of green solutions, we have all the access you need for a sustainable future.

All our products have undergone rigorous research & development to bring you sustainable solutions with the highest quality possible to last. From EV Chargers, to solar panel systems for home owners, professionals and small business owners, we are here to empower the world by doing good.

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Why Choose Us

Clean Energy

Help reduce CO2 emissions by using solar energy.

Energy Independence

Build your own energy system to reduce dependence on the grid.

Save Money

Reduce your electricity bill up to 100%.

Track Energy Consumption

The monitoring app allows you to track your behaviour and change habits.

Calculate Your Solar Savings

What is your monthly electricity bill?


This calculator knows the exact system that fits your electricity usage and helps you save!

Tip: You can adjust the system size according to your budget.

With a total of 7MW installed and 173,739,998 kWh in annual energy generation.

Here are our annual Carbon Footprint Saving:











Here is what we have achieved:






Orang Asli Homes




Orang Asli Jobs Created

Transforming the lives of our partners. See what they have to say.

So far the components are running very well without any hiccups. I am enjoying a reduction in my electricity bill.

– Mr. Abdul Rahman Hariri
(Chemical Engineer)

Excellent, the system was installed in a good time, excellent workmanship, the application process went smoothly, professional team and the system is working as promised.

– Encik Mohd Afzainizam
(Asst. Secretary in the Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources)

Excellent, the system was installed in a good time, excellent workmanship, application process went smoothly, professional team and the system is working as promised.

– Aled Morgan

We have seen a dramatic drop in the electricity bill more than what imagined.

– Syed Ismail

The installation staff are friendly and always smiling. Showing lots of respect. Professional service, they even cleaned up the house.

– Johnson Lam Hooi Liang

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